Conroe 7.0 V Solar Pool and Spa Ionizer – Ultrasonic Shield

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  • Product works well in water fountains, spas etc.
  • Ultrasonically sealed for 100% water proofing
  • LED Multi-function indicator
  • Save 80% or more in pool chemicals and 50% or more in electric costs
  • Water clarifier and water hardness reducer
  • Effective up to 14,000 Gallons

Each Solar Ionizer unit includes: 1 – Solar Ionizer head unit | 1 – Copper Anode | 1 – Coil | 1 –  Threaded Basket  

Only 2 left in stock

Product Description

Individually inspected and tested before shipped to customers and is GUARANTEED TO WORK!

LED Ionization INDICATOR – Only Ionizer in market with this feature!!!!!!


  • There are many “brands” of solar ionizer units in market, but Sooriyan Solar Ionizers are optimized to maximize ionization from a copper alloy anode.
  • Each unit generates between 6.0 V to 7.5 V of voltage, 220 to 285 milliamps of current.
  • Sooriyan Solar Ionizer units make use of highly efficient mono-crystalline solar panel made out of highest grade silicon with moisture proof technology.


  • “How do you know if the unit is working?”
    • Sooriyan Solar Ionizer is the ONLY unit with a functional LED that’s illuminated if unit is working and off if unit is faulty.


  • Solar Ionizer is supplemental aid to reduce pool chemical usage in any type of pools including SALT system based pools. Combined yearly savings may be greater than 80 percent or more in pool maintenance, chemicals and electric costs.


  • Sooriyan Solar Ionizer anodes use a proprietary blend of minerals that’s 99.57 percent copper-silver-zinc that eliminates fungi, all algae (black, green, and mustard), virus and bacteria.  Solar ionized water is not affected by phosphates, High PH or Alkalinity.


  • Each unit is effective up to 14,000 gallons in optimal conditions. For shaded or screened pools, two or more units may be required.


  • Unit is in anti-UV housing and has moisture absorbing materials to reduce condensation that forms due to variations in temperatures.


  • Solar Ionizer unit is individually tested in USA before shipped to customers.  We guarantee the unit shipped is fully functional and ready to ionize minerals.


  • Our technical expertise from extensive knowledge of solar ionizers helps to resolve any issues regardless of type of pool or environment.  If we don’t know the answer(s), then we’ll attempt our best to find a solution.  Our experience has been, no two pools are the same.  Unit comes with a 180 warranty (refer to warranty sections for details)



Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
Model No.



6 reviews for Conroe 7.0 V Solar Pool and Spa Ionizer – Ultrasonic Shield

  1. By Kris from

    Working great so far!! Will give an update after it has been used for a while. My husband loves it as he loves to clean our pool and keep it really clean. I like the fact you use less chemicals and will not smell so much of chlorine every time you get out of the pool. The filters are supposed to last 1 season. It will save you a lot of money on Chlorine.

  2. By Kenny B from

    It only took a couple of days for me to see results. I had a problem with black and green algae on the walls of my 50yr old in ground pool. This product really works.

  3. By Anwar Latib from

    I had my doubts that this would work, but it does! Normally at this point in the year, I have to shock my pool twice a week to keep algae at bay. Since putting one of these in the pool, I now shock it once a month and thats just as a precaution! I wish I would have bought this sooner.

  4. By Dennisfrom

    The best product I have ever purchased for the pool. Truly amazing how well it works here in Guam. Buying my first replacement diode!

  5. by mermaidglobal from

    The product I received is exactly as described. All parts are new and very easy to use. A “tested “label indicates the product has been fully tested. I threw it into my pool and it started to work right away.

  6. by wang8756 from

    Good quality. Nice led feature

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