3 Anodes & 1Wing-screw – Compatible with Remington Solar ionizer units


  • Replacement copper-silver-zinc alloy anode, compatible with:
    • Remington Solar, Human Creations, Mananasun Solar Ionizers manufactured by Shanghai Fuso Energy
  • Anode dimensions:
      • Refer to Image 2
  • Anode Life estimate:  12 to 15 months or more

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Product Description

Replacement copper anode for Remington Solar | Human Creations | Mananasun branded Ionizers

Brand New and Factory Sealed:  Replacement anode that fits many brands of solar ionizers

Replacement copper anode fits many brands of solar ionizers.  Copper alloy helps to control algae that keeps the water in the pool sparkling clean and may reduce pool chemical use by more than 80 percent.  This is a maintenance free product, and do not clean the copper anode.  Cleaning of anode will result in damage to Solar Ionizer unit and remove copper from anode.

Product Features:

    • 3 Replacement anodes with copper-silver-zinc blend
    • 3 Wing-screws
    • Replacement anode fits Remington Solar |Human Creations | Mananasun Branded Solar Ionizers

Do not clean the Anode.  Cleaning of anode will result in:

  1.  Wasted Mineral Ions
  2.  Frequent anode replacements 
  3.  Increased costs
  4. Will not result in any benefits and not improve ionization levels

Additional Information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in


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